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It is indeed rare to be able to experience learning a martial art from its creator.  Hanmudo has been created by the foremost Korean historian alive today, Dr. He Young Kimm.  Trained from an early age, Dr. Kimm holds advanced degrees in Judo, Hap Ki Do and Taekwondo.
Grandmaster and PhD. , Dr. Kimm brings to life centuries of Korean knowledge, fighting techniques and philosophy.  Hanmudo is a diverse art form that includes weapons training, Ki breathing technique, powerful and elegant joint locks, takedowns and throws.  Our special relationship with Dr. Kimm allows us to go in depth to uncover the real history and practice of Korean Masters throughout the martial art ages of Korea.

The Hanmudo program is open to all active Tiger-Rock members (no age limit), although it is recommended that each student be a Yellow Belt or above. This is the only program outside of Taekwondo that allows participants to earn rank. Curriculum is limited to the Provisional level.

Qualifications for an annual teaching certificate are coordinated between the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International and the World HanMuDo Association.

Adult Hanmudo

My experiences in the programs at the academy have influenced my life for the better. The Academy was a community I felt that I belonged to, not to mention the physical gains like my approved cardio, flexibility and strength. I learned to be confident there by going to tournaments. It was very easy considering I had a whole group of friends to back me up and cheer me on.
–Jason, NM



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"My son started his TKD training ahead of me.   When I started my TKD training I played the role student to my son's teaching.
As this is not the norm for most parents and children, my son and I learned a valuable lesson together:     

"Be respectful of others trying to help you improve in all  that life offers you"

TKD training is an excellent foundation to improve physical and mental agility in other sports like, baseball, golf, tennis and soccer."
Bruce Blenkarn
Gretna, Louisiana
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